CFA Bridge Course

How do you really know if the CFA Program is right for you?


So many people start their CFA studies in earnest, only to lose interest when the going gets really tough. It doesn't take long after you crack open your first books to discover this.

Here is a shocking statistic: for every five candidates who start the CFA Program only one will complete it. That is a completion rate of only 20%. Now, you can improve your chances of being part of that select 20%.

Talk to me about my CFA Bridge Course. Like all bridges, this course is designed to span your existing knowledge of the CFA Program topics, which might be nothing, to the start of CFA Level I.

Most university courses do not prepare you well for the CFA Program. And many regulatory exams, such as the Canadian Securities Course (CSC), doesn't even come close to CFA Level I curriculum volume, depth, and exam difficulty.

Get a taste for CFA studies without the cost and stress of registering for the CFA Level I exam. My CFA Bridge Course connects you to where you want to go without diving into the (unknown) deep end.

CFA Bridge Course includes seven separate modules:

  • CFA Math: Algebra to Z-Scores

  • Financing Statements: The Language of Business

  • Bond Basics

  • Equity Valuation Basics

  • Microeconomics

  • Macroeconomics

  • Demystifying Derivatives

Each module is three hours long and can be completed in person in Calgary or online. The entire CFA Bridge Course can be completed in 21 total hours.


You will be provided with my CFA Bridge Course Workbook, which has been modified from my main CFA prep courses. At the end of the CFA Bridge Course, you can decide to stop or go for the Level I exam.


If you decide to continue with the CFA Program, you will have a strong foundation and a head start for those candidates. Either way, you will receive a certificate of completion.

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